A3, SFB 1102 (Universität des Saarlandes, 2014-2017)

Principal Investigators: Vera Demberg, Alexander Koller, Manfred Pinkal, Stefan Thater
Researchers: Ekaterina Kravtchenko, Ashutosh Modi, Simon Ostermann, Michael Roth, Alessandra Zarcone

Project A3 aimed at collecting formalized knowledge about prototypical sequences of events – script knowledge – from data, and using it to improve algorithms for natural language processing and our understanding of linguistic encoding choice and interpretation in human communication. The project will developed methods for learning scripts with wide coverage from unannotated texts and extend the representations of script events with information about their preconditions and effects to keep track of causal connections between events.

These deeper and wider-coverage script models were be applied to various natural language processing tasks, and used to model pragmatic interpretations; we used and extended the Rational Speech Act (RSA) model as a framework for modelling pragmatic inferences and explored how the RSA model can be related to existing notions used in the SFB, specifically the UID hypothesis.

Alessandra Zarcone
Alessandra Zarcone
Professor of Language Technologies and Cognitive Assistants

Computational linguist with a background in NLP and in psycholinguistics, working on AI, NLP and human-machine interaction.