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(2023). EduQuick: A Dataset Toward Evaluating Summarization of Informal Educational Content for Social Media. Eval4NLP.

(2023). Moderne Sprachassistenten zwischen Datenhunger und Datenschutz. Künstliche Intelligenz und Menschliche Gesellschaft.

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(2022). GiCCS: A German in-Context Conversational Similarity Benchmark. GEM.

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(2021). Small Data in NLU: Proposals towards a Data-Centric Approach. Data-centric AI.

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(2021). inCLINC: incremental intent annotations of the CLINC dataset. Front. Comput. Sci. 3.

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(2021). CROWDSS: A crowdsourced, ecologically-valid dialogue dataset for German. Front. Comput. Sci. 3.

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(2021). Crowdsourcing ecologically-valid dialogue data for German. Front. Comput. Sci. 3.

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(2017). Complement Coercion: The Joint Effects of Type and Typicality. Front. Psychol. 8.

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(2017). Inducing Script Structure from Crowdsourced Event Descriptions via Semi-Supervised Clustering. LSDSem.

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(2016). Salience and Attention in Surprisal-Based Accounts of Language Processing. Front. Psychol. 7.

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(2016). DeScript: A Crowdsourced Corpus for the Acquisition of High-Quality Script Knowledge. LREC.

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(2015). Same same but different: Type and typicality in a distributional model of complement coercion. NetWordS.

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(2015). Identifying actional features through semantic priming: Cross-Romance comparison. Cahiers Chronos 27.

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(2014). Type and Thematic Fit in Logical Metonymy. CogSci (member abstract).

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(2014). Priming-based study of durativity and resultativity in Spanish and Italian. Chronos 11.


(2013). Logical metonymy: Disentangling object type and thematic fit. AMLaP.

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(2013). The curious case of metonymic verbs: A distributional characterization. TFDS Workshop.

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(2013). Fitting, not clashing! A distributional semantic model of logical metonymy. IWCS 2013.

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(2012). Logical Metonymy from Type Clash to Thematic Fit. AMLaP.

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(2012). Inferring Covert Events in Logical Metonymies: a Probe Recognition Experiment. CogSci 2012.

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(2012). Semantic priming study of Russian aspect and resultativity. The Russian Verb.

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(2011). Aktionsarten, speech and gesture. GESPIN 2011.

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(2011). Generalized Event Knowledge in Logical Metonymy Resolution. CogSci 2011.

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(2011). What semantic priming experiments tell us about aspectual features: cross-linguistic comparison. Chronos 10.


(2010). Event Types in the Mind and in the Corpus. Verb 2010.

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(2009). Empirical correlates of event types - a priming study. Master’s Thesis.

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(2009). Un modello stocastico della classificazione azionale. XL Congresso SLI.

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(2008). Computational Models for Event Type Classification in Context. LREC 2008.

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