Thesis Supervision

Are you interested in a thesis topic?

I supervise Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in the fields of NLP and HMI in all degree programs related to computer science. To get an overview of possible topics, you can have a look at the theses I have already supervised on this page or browse my website to learn more about my research interests. Having attended my course “Einführung in die maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung” is recommended if you want to work on an NLP topic.

If you are interested in writing your thesis under my supervision, please contact me by e-mail. If you already have an idea for a topic, please add a brief description. Please do not forget to indicate when you would like to start working on your thesis.

Past thesis supervision

  • 2024: Klos, Tim, KI-Governance im Unternehmenskontext: Eine Analyse für eine erfolgreiche KI-Integration, Masterarbeit. Studiengang Business Information Systems, Technische Hochschule Augsburg
  • 2023: Lamba, Patricia, Automatic sarcasm detection for English on Amazon reviews, Bachelorarbeit. Studiengang Informatik, Technische Hochschule Augsburg
  • 2023: Lukic, Ivan, Definition, Analyse und Entwiclung einer Recommendation Engine im E-Commerce Kontext, Bachelorarbeit. Studiengang Informatik, Technische Hochschule Augsburg (in collaboration with uniqbit AG)
  • 2023: Kopf, Fabian, Individualisierung von künstlich erzeugten Texten, Masterarbeit. Studiengang Informatik, Technische Hochschule Augsburg - published at CPSS 2023
  • 2020: Alam, Touhidul, A Domain-Adaptive Temporal Tagger for Voice Assistants, Master Thesis. Studiengang Computational Linguistics, Universität Stuttgart (in collaboration with Fraunhofer IIS) - published at LREC 2020 and IWCS 2021
  • 2011: Rüd, Stefan, Covert Events and Qualia Structures for German Verbs, Studienarbeit. Universität Stuttgart - published at LREC 2012